How to join us & What next?

We hope to make joining each School as easy as possible.

To see the timetable for each separate School click which is closest to you to see what we have to offer.

Benfleet     OR Billericay 

Hopefully we have a class to suit you needs. not sure what the class names mean...... click here to see 

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Step 1

Contact Amanda to check class availability.

CALL/ MESSAGE 07771613856


or fill in this form by clicking here 

Step 2

Click on and fill in a registration form to ensure we meet all guidelines and can look after you child as best we can.



Step 3

For the first class children should wear something they can move in - any Dancewear they may already have is always welcome.

Grip socks -like the ones from BASE jump or yoga class if they don't have any dance shoes.

Tie any long hair away from the face.

The teacher will welcome you, and your first session is free.

After the first session the teacher will let you know if your child can continue and is in the correct session for them. 

Send Amanda a quick message to say if you'd like to come back - sometimes it's all a bit much to decide straight after their first class!

Step 4

Pay the next 2 sessions weekly to ensure your child is enjoying class.

This can be done by enclosing the correct fee ( shown next to your Childs class on the class timetable) in an envelope with their name and the date written on it.

Or by transferring to the School Account using your Childs name as reference.

Bailar Benfleet Limited 201221, 93442306.

Bailar Billericay Limited 090129, 40438762.


purchase Uniform once you are ready - shoes are the most essential part.

click here to see the list and stockists.

or click here for a link to Danceland at Dalbys website