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We offer children’s classes from 2 years upwards.
If you are unsure which class your children should attend, please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you.


Please note the ages shown on the timetable page are for guidance only. After your first visit the teacher will inform you of the most suitable class for your children dependant on their experience and ability. Each child is assessed as an individual and will be encouraged to expand as much as possible in their chosen discipline of dance. Each year the children are assessed, and take part in an annual performance.


Invited children may take part in ISTD Examinations, and selected competitions, which are in addition to standard class. Classes run throughout the school term, and Summer School is available. Summer School is an excellent way for introducing your children to the school for the first time, and giving them an opportunity to sample the different styles of dance available.


Our Senior School is an excellent way for senior school students to expand their dance knowledge, performance skills and gain insight into life as a dance college student.

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Good luck to all taking exams this weeke