During Covid - footwear must only be worn in studios and in all classes.

We would like to be able to offer your children the best training that we can. To help us achieve this we have to make sure the children are dressed and groomed correctly for class. Class entry may be refused if your child is not correctly groomed for their class. NO JEWELLERY OR DENIM IN ANY CLASS. ONLY SMALL STUD EARRINGS MAY BE WORN AND MUST BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


DALBY'S 268 London Rd, Southend  - 01702 343006 now sell all Uniform.

BILLERICAY DANCEWEAR also do 07866139977

Beanies and Pre-Primary & Primary Package

1stPosition Milly skirted leotard in Choral.

Pink Ballet shoes with Elastic / Black Tap shoes

Black Street shoes AND OR Jazz Shoes

Pink socks or tights

Hair in a bun, Dolly or Teddy. (Beanies only)

Boys  Black Shorts, White T-shirt

Black sox and Black Ballet shoes



Lilac Helena 1stPosition leotard Grade 1, 2

Grade 3,4 Violet Helena 1stPosition Leotard

Grade 5 and over black cotton lycra leotard any style.

Pink Ballet shoes with ribbon, 

Pink Ballet Socks Grade 1.

Pink convertible ballet tights Grade 2 upwards.

Hair must be in a bun.


Modern and Tap all grades

Girls Any colour lycra leotard any style.

Black / Custom fitted leggings any length.

Or a fitted catsuit.

Boys Red / Black / White vest top and either black jazz pant.

All Black tap shoes and or split sole jazz shoes or foot thongs.

Hair groomed away from the face and especially the neckline. 

For Jazz in modern classes Spilt sole street trainers may be required.



Our Custom Dancewear should be worn – please see details on our website

Split Sole Street Trainers - this is a new requirement for all.



Musical Theatre / Drama / Singing

Custom dancewear should be worn.  NO DEMIN OR SKIRTS. Hair groomed away from the face.


No sleeve leotard, and mid-thigh cycle shorts. Grip Socks.


2 french braids will help your child achieve their best in class. These allow for correct alignment of the neck and back, and can be easily pinned/tied up for ballet class & taken down for classwork. #STYLE IT NEAT TO MAKE IT NEAT

CUSTOM ORDER UNIFORM  - to order please click here

Leggings RD6533    Standard waistband   MAINLY PRINT

  • Age 2-4-6     £22.00

  • Age 8-10-1    £23.00

  • Adult 6-16.   £28.00

Leggings RD6533. Standard waistband MAINLY BLACK 

  • Age 2-4-6    £20.00

  • Age 8-10-12.  £21.00 

  • Adult 6-16    £26.00

Jacket RD6502    

  • Age 2-4-6.  £36.00

  • Age 8-10-12    £40.00

  • Adult 6-16.   £52.00

Vest RD6529. Racerback MAINLY PRINT

  • Ages 2-4-6.  £19.00 

  • Ages 8-10-12    £20.00 

  • Adult 6-16    £25.00

Vest RD6529.  Racerback MAINLY BLACK with bespoke edges 

  • Age 2-4-6.   £16.00  

  • Age 8-10-12.  £17.00 

  • Adult 6-16   £21

Crop top RD6526. 

  • Age 2-4-6.   £18.00

  • Age 8-10-12    £19.00

  • Adult 6-16    £24.00



Shorts RD6515. 

  • Age 2-4-6.   £15.00 

  • Age 8-10-12    £16.00 

  • Adult 6-16    £20.00



With regards to our new range of dancewear, please note ballet uniform must be worn to all BALLET classes, yes the leggings and hot pants may be worn over a leotard for modern and tap.

Jackets are for coming to and from only.

Sizes have come up quite true to size, garments are snug to get on and off – NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS.

Placing your order.

  • Decide on garments and sizes.

  • Email Miss Amanda with the date of transaction for payment and a list of garments required.

  • Once an order has gone in it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.

  • Our next order will be placed on Sept 30th.